Hanna H. Farha was born on March 29, 1938 in Marjeyoun, a town in Southern Lebanon. He grew up there alongside his seven brothers and sisters, and went on to graduate from Marjayoun National College in 1958.

Hanna would serve the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) of the U.S. State Department between 1959 and 1976, and worked in Beirut, as well as in Washington D.C. and Tunisia.

During his time with the FSI, he taught Arabic to dozens of prominent ambassadors and Assistant Secretaries of State, such as Richard William Murphy, Morris Draper (Middle East Envoy tasked with leading the Lebanese-Israeli talks of 1983), Fred Galanto, David Newton, Dr. Nathaniel Howell, Kenton Keith, George Lane, Charles Widney, Robert Polletro, and the distinguished Edward Djerejian, who served in eight U.S. administrations (from Presidents John F. Kennedy to Bill Clinton).

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April 22, 2011
Ain Aar, Lebanon

In the name of my fellow Palestinians
I say:

Thank you Peres
Thank you Netanyahu
Thank you Barak
Thank you Lieberman

Thank you for all the good things
you've done for our country

Thank you for " planting" our Palestinian land
with those beautiful buildings

Thank you for surrounding every building
and every house
with those fantastic gardens

Thank you for decorating those balconies
with those gorgeous plants and flowers

Thank you for all those wide streets
you built for our future generations

Thank you for all those schools and universities
you erected in every town and city,
which we Palestinians promise to use
as grounds for spreading knowledge,
peace love and not hatred and revenge.

Thank you for all those airports
that will no longer receive
arms and ammunition,
but will receive instead
all those searching
for peace love and truth...

When you depart our land
heading for your home of birth in Europe
and elsewhere in the world ,
leaving our dear Palestine in peace,
I want you to remember
that when you came to Palestine
claiming it was your promised land,
we welcomed your presence, provided you with
food and shelter

But when you gained some strength
you suppressed the real owners of the land,
destroyed their homes
on their heads
killed so many of them,
to the extent that innocent blood filled
every alley, street and highway


You are getting ready
to pack and leave
I urge you in the name
of my fellow Palestinians
before you say goodbye...
to destroy your nuclear plant
all your nuclear bombs
and all the deadly weapons
you received from Uncle Sam

I assure you that
the new Palestinian generation
will make a good use
of all the things
you will leave behind
When you really pack and leave..


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